The brand OCHO was born in Ibiza in 2008. The name means “eight” in Spanish, celebrating the creation of our company. But this is really just the beginning… If you turn the eight to the side, you get the lying eight – the symbol for infinity. And infinity is our mission. At OCHO we put all our creative power, all our passion and love into our work. For you – and for the entire universe. Our purpose is it, to make at least this small section of the Milky Way so color-, wonder- and beautiful, that you can’t help but dance for joy. That is the OCHO attitude to life and our gift to you. Shine with the stars!

The two brands are sold wholesale and retail.


OCHO is an internationally recognized, trendsetting brand in the hat and handbag sector. We sell both on wholesale and retail level. Our customer network spans the entire planet: OCHO hats, caps, berets, beach bags, wallets and handbags have become a popular form of expression all over the world. In the design process, the focus is on the customer: we relaunch the good old classics, pick up new tendencies and create new trends ourselves. At OCHO we launch two collections every year, one for the warmer and one for the colder season. But hey, the good news is: it’s always summer somewhere. Many years of experience and long-lasting relationships with our international manufacturers, allows OCHO to offer the latest in fashion at a reasonable price in relation to to the high quality we are committed to.


Our product line is inspired by Ibiza – a modern paradise and kaleidoscope of divine creatures and forbidden fruits. OCHO features a rainbow of styles: dreamy beach hats, cool straw hats and colourful , all reflecting the summery feeling of the hedonistic island of Ibiza. And they are all made of natural paper. So you can literally eat your hat. (Please don’t – they are too beautiful.) OCHO can be found in the best beach boutiques in Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and on the Spanish peninsula. And of course here, in our shop