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With an adjustable design that fits your personality and a curved bill that adds a distinctive touch, these caps perfectly combine fashion and function. Breathable mesh joins the game, ensuring constant freshness during the hottest days. Discover our collection and mark your style wherever you go!

​​The history of trucker caps

Trucker caps have a fascinating history dating back to their origin in the world of baseball and their subsequent adaptation in the 1940s. These caps have become an iconic symbol of style and comfort, gaining popularity in various areas of fashion.

Origins of trucker caps in baseball

Trucker caps find their origins in the world of baseball, around the 1860s. Initially, they were used by players to protect themselves from the sun during games, offering a curved visor that helped protect the eyes from the sun's glare.

As baseball became popular, these caps became very common among players and became a distinctive piece of clothing for the sport. Its original design featured a rigid front and round crown, providing players with greater visibility and comfort during gameplay.

Adaptation of trucker caps in the 40s

In the 1940s, baseball caps underwent an adaptation that would lead them to become trucker caps as we know them today. During this decade, a fabric mesh back was incorporated into the caps, providing greater ventilation and comfort to those who wore them, especially truck drivers who spent long hours in the sun.

This new mesh fabric feature allowed air to circulate freely, keeping your head cool and preventing excess heat. Thanks to this innovation, trucker caps gained greater popularity among drivers and outdoor workers, becoming a symbol of casual style and functionality.

Characteristics of trucker caps

Trucker caps are characterized by their distinctive design and unique elements that make them stand out from other cap styles.

Adjustable design and curved visor

Trucker caps have an adjustable design that allows them to adapt to different head sizes. This makes them comfortable to wear and offers a custom fit for each individual. Plus, they feature a curved visor that adds a touch of style and protection from the sun during outdoor activities.

Low profile and nautical style

With a low profile, trucker caps offer a more discreet and sophisticated appearance. This style fits different outfits and occasions, whether for everyday wear or more formal events. Some trucker caps also have a nautical style, with designs that evoke the seafaring life and the adventurous spirit.

Patches and badges on trucker caps

A distinctive feature of trucker caps are the patches and badges that can be found on them. These decorative elements add personality and style to the caps, allowing users to express their tastes and interests through their accessories.

Ventilation and mesh fabric in trucker caps

Trucker caps stand out for their mesh fabric on the back, which provides excellent ventilation. This material allows air to circulate freely, keeping your head cool and preventing heat buildup on hot days. This feature makes them the perfect option for outdoor activities or for those looking for comfort in hot climates.

What model of trucker cap to buy?

Trucker cap sizes and styles

Trucker caps are normally offered in one size, as they are completely adaptable to the head thanks to the adjustable closure on the back.

With their signature mesh back design and fabric front panels, they have gained popularity as a versatile accessory that combines fashion and function. If you're looking to add a relaxed and modern touch to your outfit, trucker caps are a great choice. Here are some ideas on how to wear them in style:

  • Casual style: Trucker caps are designed for an informal style. Pair them with skinny jeans and a basic t-shirt for a relaxed and comfortable look. Add some sneakers or espadrilles to complete the outfit.
  • Bold prints and colors: One of the most distinctive features of trucker caps is the variety of prints and colors available. Opt for a cap with a striking design, such as floral, geometric or camouflage motifs. Combine it with clothes in neutral colors to make the cap the focal point of your outfit.
  • Retro style: If you like vintage styles, choose a trucker cap with a retro design or an old logo. Pair it with a distressed denim jacket and straight-cut pants for a look reminiscent of the '80s.
  • Sporty touch: Trucker caps can also add a sporty touch to your style. Wear them with sports shorts and a hoodie for a casual and active look. This style is perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Relaxed hairstyle: Since trucker caps have a mesh back, they allow for good ventilation. Take advantage of this and wear a relaxed, carefree hairstyle, such as soft waves or a messy updo. This will complement the casual style of the cap.

Summer outfit: During hot days, trucker hats can be your best ally. Combine them with tank tops, shorts and sandals for a fresh, summery look.